Summary Challenge

I started reading Lisa Crone’s WIRED FOR STORY, which I’ve been wanting to do since her video was a huge help to me when I was stuck in my rough draft last year.

I just read, “writers who can’t sum up the story they’re telling in a clearly focused, intriguing sentence or two probably haven’t written a clearly focused, intriguing story.”

I took this as a challenge. I tried this a year ago and it was really HARD. But this time after all the edits, it was actually pretty easy.

Outbroken by Cindi Shantz
Fiskel Harloward always knew he was a bad person, that when he contracted Ghiernfel’s plague it was a punishment he deserved. But when he receives an assignment to copy a 300-year-old manuscript written by the Plaguemaker, he is shocked to find Ghiernfel’s handwriting is his own.


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