Paper Edits Are Done!

This past weekend I finished inputting my paper edits into my digital file. That was so much more tedious than I expected, and procrastination definitely became an issue. But it’s done now!

Afterward I spent a little extra time on my first chapter, and sent the file off to my beta readers! It came in just under 113K, which I think is completely reasonable. I’m of course still open to cuts. Still open to huge rewrites even if that’s what it takes.

And can I tell you how thrilled I am about my beta readers?! I posted a call for readers on Facebook, and I got eight volunteers. Eight! Four are close friends, all people who I know will give great feedback. The other four are people I don’t know very well. Two of them I’ve only met once or twice–one an artist, one a free-time writer–and one I haven’t seen since elementary school and another I haven’t seen since high school. I am so excited to see the range of responses I get, and I am psyched to have people willing to do this for me who won’t be biased by knowing me really well!

And now I wait. And read! I’ve hardly done any reading since February and that ends now! Look for upcoming reading-related posts!


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