Pitch Slam… or not

I cannot believe how quickly April is whirring by. I am on page 217 of 520 of my red pen edits. After the first couple chapters it started going a lot faster, and now I feel like I’m breezing through it. The other night, my husband had to ask me three times to put it away and go to sleep because I was so into it.

I’m into my own book. That sounds sort of… weird. It’s true though. I’m really enjoying reading through it. I was hoping I’d find a lot of bits to take out–a paragraph here, a paragraph there–but I really haven’t. I’ve removed a couple sections, and I’ve decided my main character looks out windows too often, particularly at the beginnings of chapters, so I’ve deleted a bunch of those… but other than that, it’s not as easy to get rid of text as I’d hoped. Which is good because it means my writing is already pretty tight, but it also means I’m definitely going to end up with a manuscript longer than 100K.

Not ideal.

I’m also a little concerned that my writing style may have changed between the beginning of the book and the end of the book. Crossing my fingers that I’m wrong.

The end result of all this is that I will not be ready to participate in Friday’s PitchSlam.


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