Rivers of Red

This red pen round of edits is going a lot slower than I expected. I figured it would just be a matter of crossing out a sentence here, a word or two there, maybe fixing up some missed punctuation or grammar… but no. My mind doesn’t work like that. I’m reorganizing paragraphs, changing content and making such a huge red mess that I’m sticking looseleaf sheets between the pages to explain what’s going on. After hours, I’m still working on the first chapter. I’m not even entirely convinced that my red pen edits are better than what I had there originally.

I’m wondering if maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe I should have just put out to a beta reader… but maybe once I get past the first chapter it will go easier. The first chapter is tough because when you first write it you don’t really know that much about your story (at least, I didn’t). I’ll plug away at it a little more before deciding.


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