Link “25 Ways to Edit the Unmerciful Suck out of your Story”

Check out Chuck Wendig’s smirk-worthy editing advice:



Yet another blog from yet another aspiring fantasy writer.

Another aspiring writer, another blog. Last year I quit my full time job so I’d have more time work on my fantasy novel. That was in May 2013. If you had asked me back then when my novel would be done, I’d have told you it’d DEFINITELY be done by September. Definitely.

Well, since then, then my husband and I bought a house, and I got a part time job at a massage studio, nothing glamorous or career-oriented. I’ve still been plodding along at the writing, and the week after Christmas I finished my rough draft.

Cue chimes and bells! I finished it! I, who never finish anything, finished writing a novel! Woohoo! It took 4-5 months longer than I expected, but I finished!

And now it’s March, and I am editing. Still editing. Editing is another process that is taking longer than I thought. At the moment, I believe I have about two or three scenes left to go on my ending rewrite, and one thing to go back and fix before that, but I’m really, really struggling with these last couple scenes.

I’m going to be upfront about this: this blog is not going to be very interesting. I’m going to post things I find helpful. I’m going to write about how much work I still need to do. I’m going to write about querying when I get there, and I’m going to talk about how I’m pregnant and freaking out because this book HAS TO BE DONE before the little one comes in August. I will also probably lament how choosing a name for a real little girl is very different from choosing a name for a character.

So, you’ve been warned. Dull stuff to follow, and my editing may be shoddy.